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Portable Infusion Pump


Precise drug infusion by Electronical Control method

Unlike general infusion affected by gravity, the discharge of the set flow rate can be sustained consistently.

Prevents overdose of drugs with Syringe method

Instead of the general compressing tubes, the precise infusion is possible with the Syringe, and it is safe because the free flow prevention technology is built-in.
The advantage that the infusion set does not inject drugs in any case when in the standby state, regardless of whether the device is attached or not

Easy operation, Easy portability

Easy usage that anyone can use and easy activities are guaranteed




Weight Approx


Basic mode

  • Flow rate 1 ~ 200ml/Hr
  • Max Infused Volume 5000ml

Alarm Type

  • Caution Low Voltage Alarm, Alarm Before End of the Infusion, No Sensor Detected Infusion End, Infusion Set Desperation, Occlusion, Infusion Volume Exceeded


  • Lithium Battery 3.7V, 5000mAh
  • For Charging DC 4.2V, 2A

Operating Environment

  • Temperature +10℃ ~ +40℃
  • Humidity ~ 85%

Competitive Product Comparison


Infusion Method

In the event of product failure, the pump stops since the piston movement of a certain period is limited Limited to Overdose

Company A

Cam follower Method

The drug in the tube pushed out by interlocking Cam followers pressing gradually. The degree of drug infusion decreases due to increased fatigue of the tube caused by continuous use

Company B

Peristaltic Tube Method

Transferring fluids by using the pressure difference that occurs when the rollers connected to the electric motor compress the tube as they rotate. Dedicated tube must be used and used for special purposes.

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    Electronic Infusion Device
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    Dedicated tubing set.

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