Coralline Hydroxyapatite Bone Graft Substitute


  • No Biological Rejection
  • No Disease Transmission
  • No Additional Surgery Necessary to Collect the Bone for Grafting
  • Offer an Interconnected Porosity Similar to Human Cancellous Bone
  • Provide a Framework Which the Host Bone can Regenerate & Heal
  • USA- Patented Silicon Ion Containing HA Speeds Up the Bone Regeneration (Si-Content : Avg. 0.6wt%)
  • Under Strict FDA Regulations & GMP Compliance, Ensuring the Highest Product Quality

AP(Alkaline Phosphate) Activity

This figure shows alkaline phosphate (AP) activity in human mesenchymal stem cells cultured on BD and BoneMedik-S.

AP is an enzyme whose activity refl ects diff erentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells to bone forming osteoblastic cells.

Higher AP activity means the human mesenchymal stem cells are diff erentiating towards the bone forming osteoblast phenotype to a greater degree.

Cells were cultured on calcium phosphate scaff old, Catalog No. 354617 (BD), BoneMedik-S scaff old (Coral).

The fact that AP is higher in human mesenchymal stem cells on BoneMedik-S (coral) than in human mesenchymal cells on BD suggest that cell on BoneMedik-S are better able to form bone than cells on BD.

These preclinical data suggest BoneMedik-S might be superior to other scaff olds in stimulating bone growth.

(Pre-Study in Penn State Hershey Milton. S. Medical Center in PA, USA / META R&D Institute, KOREA. 2009)

Eye Observation HA

1 Week

3 Week

6 Week

12 Week

24 Week

Micro Observation HA

De Novo Bone

Normal Bone

Eye Observation Si-HA

1 Week

3 Week

6 Week

12 Week

24 Week

Micro Observation Si-HA

Normal Bone


Porosity %

pore Size μm

Compressive Strength Mpa

Clinical Test Results

Case 1Lumbar Interbody Cage

Case 2ACDF with Cervical Cage

Case 3Upper Tibial Osteotomy for Degenerative Arthritis Cage


Degenerative Arthritis


Knee joint degenerative arthritis High tibial osteotomy

8 months later

by courtesy of M.D.,Ph.D. Kim. Y.M (Prof.,C.B National University, 2008)


Chip Type

Model No. Volume Size
BSC0320 3cc 2~4mm
BSC0520 5cc
BSC1020 10cc
BSC1520 15cc
BSC2020 20cc
BSC3020 30cc

Chip / Cage Type

Model No. Volume Size
BSC0140 3cc 4~6mm
BSC0340 5cc
BSC0540 10cc
BSC1040 15cc
BSC1540 20cc
BSC2040 30cc
BSC3040 -

Block Type

BSB1001 10×10×10mm

BSB0502 5×12×40mm

BSB1003 10×10×40mm

BSB1004 10×20×50mm

BSB1205 12×25×25mm

BSB1206 12×30×30mm

Wedge Type

BSW0701 7(2)×15×30mm

BSW1002 10(2)×15×30mm

BSW1203 12(2)×15×30mm

BSW1504 15(2)×15×30mm


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