HA Filler

Da:all Glam fill

Innovation in hyaluronic acid technology

Long lasting

Long lasting HA Filler?
Patented MCL* technology

High viscosity is obtained through patented stage micro beads manufacturing technology based on cross linked Hyaluronic Acid.

*MCL : Multi Staged Crosslinking


Existing Cross-linking technology


Ultrafine bead divided by molecule of HA


New bead united by ultrafine bead


Another bead united by new bead


Da:all Glam fill

Test result conducted by a respectable laboratory.

Technology in existing HA filler

Primary or Secondary cross-linking can be different in each company.

Da:all Glam fill in Semi-solid Gel state

Micro particles of Da:all Glam fill shows high cohesiveness and provides safety and long-lasting effect without altering its chemical properties.

Da:all Glam fill

Elastic and glossy Da:all Glam fill Outstanding shape retention


Simple particle enlargement due to limit in technological skills Reduces longevity of the product

Da:all Glam fill


  • Hard
  • Soft


Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

HA content



10ml × 1syring

Ingection location

Breast and Buttock augmentation

An elaborate product with high viscosity and cohesiveness through its high cross linking rate, and a very low particle size to provide moldability, longevity and shape maintenance after procedure.

Longevity comparison graph

Comparison to conventional products that claim to have produced a long lasting HA filler

Most companies claim to have successfully manufactured a long lasting HA filler by increasing the cross- linking rate. However, due to limitations in the cross-linking technology these products instead have onl y increased viscosity and particle size, which does not contribute to a long lasting HA filler. Moreover, products that have only raised viscosity does not show good moldability.

Innovation in hyaluronic acid technology

Safe & Removable

The product is safe with no chemical modification in the HA, even after high cross-linking process.

Refractive absorbance analysis

Raw material

Complete product

The wavelength pattern of Da:all Glam fill is the same as its raw material, showing that the product has not altered its physical properties.

Hyaluronidase test

Da:all Glam fill perfectly dissolves through Hyaluronidase.

Superior hydrophilic capacity

Our product provides excellent volume effect through its high hydrophillic capacity and stable molecular structure even after high cross-linking rate.

Comparison of moisture retention

Centrifugation at 3,000 rpm for 30 minutes (Status: 500cc of water added to a sample of 1cc)

Shows higher volume effect compared to other fillers of same amount

Excellent volumizing effect and easy molding even with a small amount

Da:all Glam fill

Increase long lasting effect in the human body by creating pearl shaped beads to overcome the fast dissolution through natural hyaluronidase of conventional reticulate structured HA.

Da:all Glam fill Hard

  • Composition 20mg/ml
  • Volume 10ml × 1cc
  • Needle N/A
  • Cross Linking rate
  • Area used Deep Subcutaneous

Da:all Glam fill Soft

  • Composition 20mg/ml
  • Volume 10ml × 1cc
  • Needle N/A
  • Cross Linking rate
  • Area used Mid-Deep dermis, Subcutaneous

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Da:all Glam fill

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