Patent Status

Filing date2018.12.31

Reg. date2020.09.08

Sleeve Anchor with Biodegradable Barb

M.H.Baek, Y.L.Lee

Filing date2018.12.31

Reg. date2020.07.30

Suture Cross Through Type Sleeve Anchor

M.H.Baek, Y.L.Lee

Filing date2018.11.27

Reg. date2019.11.27

Apparatus for Endodontic Treatment with Adapted Vibrations

M.H.Baek, H.S.Ryu

Filing date2017.12.28

Reg. date2019.10.07

Apparatus and Method for Controlling Generator in Surgical Instrument

C.S.Jeon, W.K.Sohn

Filing date2018.12.21

Reg. date2019.07.30

method for Polarizing Piezoelectric Element


Filing date2016.04.18

Reg. date2017.11.29

Amino Acid Derivatives as Antioxidants for Biomedical Polymers

E.H.Lee,Y.C.Yoo,S.K.Ahn, Y.H.Choi, J.H.Choi, S.H.Jang, Y.H.Kim

Filing date2016.01.18

Reg. date2017.03.31

Fixing Apparatus of Cervical Spine

S.H.Jang, S.K.Ahn, W.K.Kim, Y.H.Kim, Y.C.Yoo

Filing date2013.11.29

Reg. date2015.03.16

Vascular Anastomoosis Device

W.K.Kim, S.Y.Kim, D.G.Sohn

Filing date2013.06.04

Reg. date2013.09.25

Fiber Post Using Alkali-proof Glass Fiber and Making Method of It

B.S.Song, D.M.Kim, J.Y.Baek, S.O.Na

Filing date2012.09.03

Reg. date2012.10.24

Catheter Using Optical Fiber and Camera

J.H.Sung, H.H.Park,, W.C.Lee

Filing date2012.04.27

Reg. date2013.04.23

Anchoring Suture

S.H.Kim, Y.C.Yoo, D.K.Lee, M.K.Shin

Filing date2010.04.15

Reg. date2011.04.18

Artificial Bone and the Method of Preparing the Same

M.S.Kim, S.M.Ha, Y.M.Choi, C.G.Hwang