Dual-cured core build-up composite

Feature & Benefit

Similar elasticity to Dentin Endure controlled substance removal & a precise preparation margin

High Strength

Various Shade compatible with ceramic, fiber and metal

Auto-mix delivery system quick and easy treatment available with minimal waste & clean up

Dual curing system reducing polymerization failure of composite with reliable setting


  1. Post adhesions and core build-up in restorations

Shelf Life

  1. 2years

Physical Properties

Working time

1:50 ~ 2:20 min

Setting time

4:00 ~ 5:00 min (Self-cure)

20 ~ 40 sec (Light-cure)

Flexural strength (light curing)

115.52 Mpa

Flexural strength, modulus

Flexural strenghth Mpa

Flexural modulus Gpa



NexCore Dual Syringe


NexCore Dual Syringe 9g paste 2ea

Automix-tip 20ea

Intraoral-tip 10ea

Endo-tip 10ea

NexCore Dual Syringe Refill


NexCore Dual Syringe Refill 9g paste 1ea

Shade:Tooth, White, Blue

Order information

Nexcore Dual syringe Kit

Nexcore Dual syringe White (9g)

Nexcore Dual syringe White refill

Nexcore Dual Syringe Blue (9g)

Nexcore Dual syringe Blue refill

Nexcore Dual syringe Tooth (9g)

Nexcore Dual syringe Tooth refill

Automix tip 20ea, intraoral tip 10ea

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