Aurum Blue

Endodontic File

Feature & Benefit

Martensitic Alloy Aurum Blue stays as Martensitic form at room temperature due to special heat-treatment. It gives super flexibility, by which Aurum Blue has strong resistance for cyclic fatigue.

Super Flexible Alloy it significantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of canals

Pre-bendable Much easier access to a canal orifice

Electro-polished Roughness of surface can cause micro cracks ending up fractrues. Electro-Polishing removes roughness and reduces possibilities of fracture caused by micro cracks


  • Root Canal Cleaning and Shaping

Clinical Case

Aurum Blue files allow me to work efficiently and safely at the same time.
their cross-sectional design combined with the NiTi controlled memory alloy are the perfect combination for providing cutting efficiency, gret flexiblity and outstanding fatigue resistance. - Dental Tribune Article


Extremely resistant to fracture

Cross-section, Efficient and Safe

Square Shape Size below 25/.04

Excellent Centering, Resistant to fracture

Convex Triangular Shape Size above 25/.06

Resistant Torsional Stress while maintaining Flexibility

Sem(Aurum Blue)

Clean surface of Aurum Blue

Non-cutting tip

Cyclic Fatigue Test

Order information

Aurum Blue, 4pcs/pack

Contents ID Size Length
17mm 21mm 25mm 31mm
Sequence Pack (20/.10, 20/.04, 25/.06, 35/.04)
CF (20/.10) 20
T1 (20/.04) 20
T1.5 (25/.04) 25
T2 (25/.06) 25
T2.5 (30/.04) 30
T3 (35/.04) 35
T4 (40/.04) 40
T4.5 (45/.04) 45

Aurum Blue

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