Dental Equipment


Endodontic Obturation System

Feature & Benefit

Cordless Device

Removable Battery

Easy MaintenanceUnique structure of filling system fully inserted GP Bar do not mess with your device

Unique Structure of EQ-V Fill

Fill Cartridge Clean

Refillable, Sterilizable Gutta Percha Cartridge
(EQ-V Fill)

360° Rotating Cartridge
(EQ-V Fill)

Outstanding heating performance
(EQ-V Fill) it reaches 200°C in 40 sec

360° activation ring button
(EQ-V Pack) providing excellent ergonomic use

Chemical Resistance Any disinfectant can be used


  1. EQ-V Pack
    for down-packing with warmed Gutta Percha in the root canal.
  2. EQ-V Fill
    for injecting warmed Gutta Percha in the root canal
  3. it is recommended to fill the apical part of the canal with EQ-V Pack first to avoid any overfilling or under filling. EQ-V Fill can be used for filling the remained part of the canal.


EQ-V Fill

Weight 177g(Including Battery)

Operating Voltage 3.7V

Setting Temperature 160 or 200°C

Auto Shutoff 5minutes

EQ-V Pack

Weight 90g(Including Battery)

Operating Voltage 3.7V

Setting Temperature 180 or 230°C

Auto Shutoff 5minutes

Warm Gutta Percha Obturation Tech Guide

01Select master cone and put it into the prepared root canal and check Tug-back.

02Insert pack tip down 5mm shorter than working length and set the rubber stop.

03Apply ADSEAL(root canal sealer) at the end of the master cone and insert it into the canal.

04cut the upper part of master cone with heated EQ-V pack tip.

05Compact the softened GP down with condenser.

06Insert pack tip 2mm short from reference point while activating pack tip.

07Stop activating pack tip, push it using residual heat and stay 10 seconds to cool it down.
With Residual heat, condense up to reference point.

08then activate the pack tip for 1 second

09Take it out quickly (GP will remain only from apex to 5mm)

10Compact remaining GP in the apical part with condenser.

Put GP bar into the EQ-V Fill device and set the desired temperature


Before injecting needle into canal, check if melted GP is coming out of needle.

11Place tip of EQ-V fill cartridge right upon the GP in the apical part.
inject melt GP by pulling trigger around 3mm.

12Right after finishing injection of GP, compact it with EQ Condenser.

13Repeat 12~13 steps until root canal is fully obturated.


Type Fill Unit Refill Pack Unit Battery Single Charger Dual Charger Pack Tip 50/.04, 60/.05 Refill Cartridge 25G(6pcs / 1pack) Bending Tool Cleaning Tool AC Adapter Power Cord GP bar 100pcs / bottle
EQ-V Full Kit (Refill)
EQ-V Fill Kit (Refill)
EQ-V Pack Kit

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EQ-V Full Kit

EQ-V Fill Kit

EQ-V Pack Kit

Dual Charger

Single Charger


Pack Tip × 1EA


Pack Tip × 1EA


Pack Tip × 1EA


Pack Tip × 2EA

(40/.03, 50/0.4)

Pack Tip × 2EA

(50/.04, 60/.05)

Refill Cartridge (25G)


Refill Cartridge (23G)


Cleaning and Bending Tool


Power Cord

GP Bar



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