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Motorized Endodontic Obturation System

Feature & Benefit

Fully Motorized obturation for smooth and easy filling

Cordless Device

Easy Maintenance The unique structure of filling system don't mess up your device.

Highly Visible LED display

Selection of preset temperature

Genesys Pack 140, 200, 300C

Genesys Fill 140, 160, 180, 200C (reaches 200C in 50 seconds)

Refillable, Sterilizable Gutta Percha Cartridge
(Genesys Fill)

360° Rotating Cartridge
(Genesys Fill)


  1. Genesys Pack
    for down-packing with warmed Gutta Percha in the root canal
  2. Genesys Fill
    for injecting warmed Gutta Perchainto the root canal
  3. it is recommended to fill the apical part of the canal with Genesys Pack first to avoid any overfilling or under filling. Genesys Fill can be used for filling the remained part of the canal.

Genesys Manual Video

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Genesys Full Kit

Genesys Fill Kit

Genesys Pack Kit

Dual Charger

Single Charger


Pack Tip(40/.03)

Pack Tip(50/.04)

Pack Tip(60/.05)

Pack Tip(40/.03, 50/.04)

Pack Tip(50/.04, 60/.05)

Refill Cartridge(25G) 2pcs/pack

Refill Cartirdge(23G) 2pcs/pack

Cleaning and Bending Tool


Power Cord

GP Bar 100pcs/bottle


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