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Hand Plugger

Feature & Benefit

Flexible NiTi Tip & Stainless Steel Tip Both type of tips are available with one EQ-Condenser

Smooth edge and flat end tip preventing stucking of instrument in curved canal

Practical length marking marked every 5mm

Chemical resistant surface

Light weight

Anti-crack and rotation prevention

Color coded


  1. EQ-Condenser is a instrument used during root canal obturation procedure to condense obturating material.


NiTi tip

Marking Working length Taper
N40 0.40mm 0.02
N60 0.60mm 0.01
N80 0.80mm 0.01

STS tip

Marking Working length Taper
N40 0.80mm 0.04
N60 1.00mm 0.02
N80 1.20mm 0.01

Order information

027-240 EQ Condenser Set

027-110 EQ Condenser N40/S80

027-120 EQ Condenser N50/S100

027-130 EQ Condenser N60/S120


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