Biner LC

Light Curing Type Cavity Liner

Feature & Benefit

Excellent biocompatibility with dentin and pulp

Chemically bonds to adhesives and conposites

Insoluable in water and oral fluids

Flow-on-demand handling and easy dispensing


  1. Protect pulp of the tooth
  2. Lining under all filling material
  3. Protection when applying the total etch technique

Physical Properties

Flexural strength More than 100MPA

Sensitivity to ambient light Homogeneous for 60s

Linear Expansion 2 ~ 3%

Radiopacity Yes

Depth of Cure (40 sec.) 2mm

Shelf Life

  1. 3 years


Biner LC


Biner LC 2g × 2Syringes

Disposable Tips × 10EA

Biner LC

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