Permanent dual cure resin cement

Feature & Benefit

Easy to use for cosmetic indirect restorations

Provides high resistance to compressive force

5 shades correspond with shade guide A1, A3, B2, TL(Translucent white), OP(Opaque)


  • Crown & Bridges (Ceramic, Composite, Porcelain, Metal)
  • Inlay / Onlay cementation
  • Bonding for porcelain veneers
  • Endodontic posts cementation
  • Core build up

Physical and Chemical Properties

Flexural Strength MPa

  • Working time 2 min
  • Setting time 5 min
  • Flexural strength 99 MPa
  • Radiopacity 2.33mm Al/mm

Radiopacity Aluminum step wedge thickness(mm)

  • Film thickness < 21µm
  • Water absorption 29.3µm/mm3
  • Water solubility 2.3µm/mm3

Compressive Strength MPa

Shelf Life

  1. 2 years


Metacem Set

× 2

9g × 2 Dual Syringe

A3, TL(Translucent white)

Meta P&Bond 5g

Meta P&Bond Micro brush × 10EA

Meta Etchant 3g

Meta Etchant Disposable Tip × 20EA

Metacem Mixing Tip × 20EA


Mixing pad

Metacem Refill

× 1

9g × 1 Dual Syringe

A1, A3, B2, TL(Translucent white), OP(Opaque)

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