Non-absorbable Incontinence Mesh

Suture Type

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Application and Purpose of Use

This product is a medical device designed to cure urinary incontinence caused by urethral mobility or internal sphincter disorders, by supporting the pubis urethra through the sling-method surgery for the urinary incontinence that accompanies vesical hernia.



This is a mesh woven with non-absorbable mono-filament polypropylene. It has a pre-attached protective sheath that guides the mesh transplantation and that is removed after the surgery, and at the both ends of the mesh there is a ioop which is removed after the surgery.


This is a tensionless mesh that is used to treat uterine prolapse caused by an anterior or posterior approach, and urinary incontinence caused by stress or urethra hypermobility.

Use mesh materials
manufactured only by ourselves

No need for an additional process

The other brand’s mesh needs heat cutting or laser cutting.

Prevents tissue damage in surgery

Both edges of the mesh prevent tissue damage due to skin tissue friction.

Prevents mesh rupture due to external pressure Strong supporting strength and excellent stability

Other brand’s mesh
(Open structure)

(Sealed structure)

Helical Type Needle & Easy Connecting Tip



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