PDO Barbed Monofilament


Barbed PDO monofilament

  • No need to tie knots
  • Cobra-Cog with dual angle cut
  • Available size : USP 1~4-0 based on barbed suture
  • Supply barbed precut as 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 45cm and more
    (Length can be customized up to 75cm)
    (MOQ : 100ea, Packing unit : 20ea/pack)

No need to tie knots

Unidirectional with End loop

Bidirectional without End loop

Tensile strength / BSR

End loop detail

A: Width of the Loop

B: Length of the Loop

USP 3-0 A B
MEPFIL-DV Ave. 1.83 4.45
max 1.93 4.26
min 1.75 4.69
Company A Ave. 1.54 3.59
max 1.56 3.64
min 1.53 3.54

Unit: mm


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